Helping Shape Your Future

Since 1986

Helping Shape Your Future

Since 1986

So your child has finished school!
What Next?

NWCS Training is a good training provider of Apprenticeships in England, specialising in the delivery of Business Skills and Care Services Apprenticeships such as Childcare, Adult Care, Business Administration, Teaching and Team-leading. We are located in a number of areas across the North West of England as we look to change the lives of young people through our work with local employers recruiting apprentices and helping these young people to find a pathway into the career of their dreams…

What options are available?

That time has arrvied when you child is deciding what career path they would like to take now that they have finished school.

Since the general election in 2015 and the government promise to create 3 000 000 Apprenticeships during their parlimentary term, University is no longer viewed as the only option for further education. Apprenticeships are experiencing a renewed surge of interest at present. So their are many more options available that you may not have known about.

Does your child seem to understand better when physically doing the task rather than sat listening to someone trying to teach them how to do it? Then an Apprenticeship could be the perfect choice for them.

There are more options open to them than they even know. It is no longer the case that Apprenticeships are a secondary option if your child doesn’t get the grades they hoped for. While many schools and colleges will stress the importance of either continuing on to sixth form, college or university; Apprenticeships are an excellent way to continue improving their education while at the same time earning money and gaining valuble experience in the workplace.

The Apprenticeship landscape has grown and advanced tremendously over the years, and so it may be time to look into Apprenticeships more closely.

Why NWCS Training?

  • NWCS Training have been working with young people in the community since 1986, helping them to gain an apprenticeship with local businesses.
  • We always striving to engage with new employers in the area looking for their next bright star. For contract year 2018/19 we achieved an overall success rate of 84% which is one of the highest in the Liverpool City Region.
  • With small class sizes our experienced staff are better able to give your child the support they need to improve their grades and improve their confidence, getting them work ready sooner.
  • NWCS Training are dedicated to helping shape the future of your child.

Guides for Parents

We’ve written some guides to give parents further information about our organisation and out courses. These are available to download as PDFs below.