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Helping Shape Your Future

Since 1986

Remote Education Offer

North West Community Services Training Ltd (NWCS) will continue to deliver education for learners face to face as much as possible across all provision. Now that we have moved into a third National Lockdown we will adapt our provision as outlined below.

Apprentice Provision

NWCS curriculum offer have been created in such a way, so as to make them highly adaptable to varying environments, learners and employer requirements.

The vocational curriculum for each qualification will continue to be utilised with each learner, however, teaching and learning sessions will be conducted via Zoom/Microsoft teams/Skype/WhatsApp Video.

Learners on Apprenticeships are provided with online learning modules, these modules incorporate knowledge and enrichment criteria within each curriculum. If a learner is shielding or furloughed, then the online learning modules can be allocated in full.

It will be agreed on a learner by learner basis which direction the curriculum will take in the event of a lockdown and will be agreed with the employer to ensure all parties are aware of the commitments and plans in place.

Contingencies are in place (sanctioned by the Awarding body) for Line Managers within the workplace to complete observations of learners in place of the assessor, the assessor will counter assess to ensure standards have been met. This contingency practice will be used if a learner requires observations in the workplace and would otherwise have their progress affected if the observation didn’t take place. NWCS will utilise other methods of assessments where possible including witness testimonies from key staff within the settings, professional discussions, product evidence, statements, case studies and projects to ensure learners progress as expected. This will be an adaptation to some assessment methods within the curriculum, however our curriculums are built to ensure individualisation and adaptation. All learners’ progress will be monitored by senior management.

Full qualification curriculums are available upon request. None of NWCS Apprentices are studying qualifications which require any specialist equipment. All learners will be able to continue their studies if they have access to internet and PC.

Virtual Platforms/Communication Methods

NWCS Apprentices utilise an on-line portfolio, HTS/Progress, which means they can access their portfolio from any device at any time. All planning and feedback is detailed on HTS/Progress and all teaching and learning is also recorded for them to refer back to.

Delivery to Apprentices in the event of a lockdown will follow the planned timetabling of events within the curriculum with the only differentiation being an adaptation to assessment methods if needed and face to face teaching moving to Zoom/Microsoft teams/Skype/WhatsApp Video.

Adult Learning (AEB)

Training Officers will ensure that all lesson plans, scheme of work, workbooks and online presentations, such as PowerPoint are prepared in advance.

For programmes teaching and learning sessions may be conducted via Zoom/Microsoft teams/Skype/WhatsApp Video, or face to face if ability too. NWCS will use planned learning hours as a guide, a detailed, planned timetable of events will be sent to each learner, this will include times, dates, and approximate length of the meetings. Learner workbooks will be provided and will be sent out both electronically and by post if required for some learners. Stamped addressed envelopes will be provided for those learners completing handwritten evidence. To further support learning, videos, research links and learning resources will be made available to each learner.

Regular feedback will be provided either verbally or written, highlighting areas for improvement, and informing the learner of how well they have done so far. All learner evidence will be assessed by using a criterion-referenced assessment method.

To assess that learners, have a good knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, discussions will be used as an additional method of assessment.

For learners requiring specialist equipment, facilities or observations, a professional discussion over Zoom/Microsoft teams/Skype/WhatsApp Video will take place and we will either video or audio record it as evidence.

Expectations of Learners

All learners who are eligible to enrol, must be committed to not only completing the course, but also to completing assessments/workbook written evidence and uploading evidence back to the training officer within a specified timescale. They must also show a willingness to react to feedback in a timely manner.

Arrangements for Assessments, Exams and End Point Assessment (EPA)

Specific arrangements individual to the learner will be made in relation to the taking of exams. Where possible this will take place remotely. However, some exams/EPA aspects will need to take place at the centre to which will be undertaken within a secure Covid-19 environment.

Support for learners without access to data or devices

If any learner at NWCS requires support with internet, PC or other devices NWCS would support learners in the following way.

  1. We would work with the employer to organise equipment and software to be made available.

  2. Utilise learner support funding i.e. LCR Digital Grant / Strategic investment Fund.

  3. Utilise existing bank of resources upon a loan basis.

Additional Learning Needs / SEND

Any learner at NWCS with special needs would be offered the same level of service as those without in the first instance. SEND learners would also be offered further support from the company support officer who would assist them in their learning and assessments between visits with their facilitator. Should a learner require further support using equipment or adapting to the new ways of learning further support will be offered from an IT expert within NWCS.