Shehzad Siddiq

Teaching Assistant
Level 2

After I left sixth form I was unsure what I wanted to do but I did know I wanted to get into the teaching profession. This led me to do a Level 2 apprenticeship in supporting teaching and learning at NWCS and it was one of the best decisions I had made, because it allowed me to gain experience firsthand working in a primary school setting.

Tell us about your experience of NWCST

I am now currently finishing my Level 3 advanced apprenticeship in supporting teaching and learning and the best thing is that I am now qualified as a Level 2 and soon to be Level 3 Teaching Assistant, so this will ultimately boost my chances at employment in this field. I have now currently applied for university because I want to go further in this profession and achieve QTS and doing this apprenticeship has gave me the skills and confidence I need to get me to my next step, so a massive thank you to everyone at NWCS for all your help and support!

I highly recommend doing an apprenticeship at NWCS even if you are unsure what to do next because whatever profession you want to go in these apprenticeships will give you the experience you need for future employment/education and you will also get a qualification out of it too which shows your hard work and determination. Everyone at NWCS is also very helpful and supportive and I honestly don’t know what I would of done if I didn’t get onto my apprenticeship.

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