Stacie Burgess

Health and Social Care Level 3

Prior to starting my interview I was studying A levels at sixth form. I found NWCS training and went with them.

When I rang up and booked in for an interview I found the staff helpful and the application process was simple and straight forward.

Tell us about your experience of NWCST

The interview was very relaxed as the staff where extremely friendly and informative which helped to guide me through making the correct decision.

I received help and support to prepare myself for my first day of placement from my assessor at NWCS which helped me to feel more relaxed going into a strange environment however I still felt nervous. After an hour in placement I began to feel relaxed and at ease due to the friendliness from all the staff.

I already had my maths and English and my assessor supported me in the work place through observations and delivery of my qualifications which I found to be very helpful and good in keeping me on target to achieve my full qualification.

My next step is to go onto higher education and the staff at NWCS gave me some good advice and guidance to progress on the next step to become a nurse.

I have learnt a lot while attending NWCS than I ever did at school because all the staff are knowledgable and very understanding and will take the time to go over anything that I am stuck on, my goal is to complete this childcare qualification.

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