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Living and working with Covid-19

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Rising infections locally

The North West Directors of Public Health, working together as the Champs Public Health Collaborative, are asking those living and working in the area to go above and beyond the minimum required, in the light of rising COVID-19 infections locally and changes to the national COVID-19 restrictions.

People are being asked to take their individual and collective role to reduce the transmission of the virus incredibly seriously, and not see the 19th July as a reason to stop all behaviours that have helped to reduce the spread of the virus over the past 16 months, especially when in close contact with others.

This is very important, as infection rates are high in the area and historically, the North West of England has been more impacted by the virus than other areas, due to structural inequalities. This means recovery from the pandemic will take longer unless residents continue to take steps to minimise harm right now.

This advice will also support local businesses and the wider economy, as increased transmission of the virus will result in major disruptions if staff are unable to work due to being unwell with COVID-19 and legally required to self-isolate.

We are urging all Premier Care staff to:
  • Get fully vaccinated – it’s shown to be safe and effective against the virus, including new variants and is the best way to keep yourself from getting seriously ill. It also reduces the risk of passing the virus on to someone else
  • Be kind and considerate of others who may be feeling extremely nervous about the further lifting of restrictions
  • Continue wearing face coverings in crowded indoor areas where social distancing cannot always be followed, such as supermarkets and on public transport, in the workplace and where it would make others feel more comfortable
  • Continue social distancing by not unnecessarily being in crowded areas
  • Continue to practice good hand hygiene, in particular hand washing
  • Keep getting tested – everyone should undertake twice weekly rapid symptom free testing using Lateral Flow Tests (LFT). If people experience generally associated symptoms such as a headache, a stuffed or runny nose, tiredness or weakness, aches and pains, sore throat or diarrhoea, they should take an LFT and follow up with a PCR test if the LFT test is positive. If people have any of the main symptoms of COVID-19 such as a high temperature, a new continuous cough or loss or change to their sense of smell or taste they must stay at home and book a PCR test. Around one in three people with COVID-19 don’t have symptoms, but can still infect others – so getting tested regularly will help slow the spread.
  • Self-isolate if you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, especially if you work in a high-risk setting.

  • Effective use of PPE Always wear what you have been supplied when working in and around clients.

We are urging all branches to:
  • Continue to adhere to COVID-19 working safely guidance, including provision of washing facilities and proper ventilation with external fresh air
  • Continue to engage with the Test, Trace and Isolate process, and increase testing if your workplace has had an outbreak
  • Encourage your employees to get tested if they suspect they have COVID-19 symptoms and self-isolate if positive
  • Encourage your employees to have both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine when it is offered

Living and working with covid:

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