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Since 1986

Helping Shape Your Future

Since 1986

Staff at North West Community Services Training Ltd prioritise safeguarding. They are critically aware of their responsibilities on safeguarding young people and provide effective safeguarding arrangements and guidance for staff, learners, employers and stakeholders. These are achieved thorough good links with the local children’s safeguarding board and other organisations that focus on ensuring learners’ safety.


“The term ‘safeguarding’ describes the broader preventative and precautionary approach to planning and procedures that are necessary to be in place to protect children and young people from any potential harm or damage.”

NWCS – Will strive to issue advice & guidance to safeguard all learners from:

  • Sexual abuse or inappropriate relationships
  • Grooming
  • Physical and emotional abuse or neglect
  • Domestic violence
  • Inappropriate supervision by staff/volunteers i.e. ‘bad practice’
  • Bullying, cyber-bullying
  • Self-harm, risky behaviour
  • Unsafe activities and environments
  • Exploitation including financial abuse, sexual exploitation, forced marriage

North West Community Services Training Ltd – Safeguarding Statement

Advice for in the centre

North West Community Services Training Ltd aim is to provide an atmosphere and structured establishment that is a safe environment in which learners and young people can learn and develop. Thus giving learners happiness and security, enabling them to fulfil their potential. Staff can make themselves available to learners’ at all reasonable times learners’ are encouraged to exercise a responsible attitude to each other. The emphasis is on building a constructive relationship between staff and learners of all ages. From time to time learners will go through stressful periods during their time on the programme at college just as they do at home. We actively encourage learners to speak to any member of staff, or our designated safeguarding team and are assured that sympathetic support will be given at all times. NWCS’s named designated Safeguarding Officer is Paul Sheron. The department also have staff who are professionals within their sector, fluent with the requirements of Safeguarding.

Advice for in the workplace

If you feel threatened, bullied or intimidated in any way whilst in your placement/employment. Or indeed if you feel that you are subject to any of the areas listed above. Please follow this advice (however insignificant you believe that the issue to be):

  1. Report the matter to your direct Line Manager/Mentor (if the issue is in relation to them)
  2. Report the matter to another manager within the employer.
  3. Request to see the reporting policy.
  4. Advice your Training Officer and request that the issue be flagged with the designated Safeguarding Officer

Safeguarding Policies

NWCS have the following policies in place to protect you whilst you attend their training centres:

  • Overriding safeguarding policy
  • Confidentiality policy
  • E-safety policy
  • Lock down policy
  • Lone worker policy
  • Tackling Extremism & Radicalisation policy
  • Bullying policy
  • Keeping Children & Young People Safe in Education

Useful link – Please refer to the link below for the statutory guidance

Keeping Children safe in education

Safeguarding questionnaires

The responses to the 2x learner questionnaires for contract year 18/19 have been analysed. You said the following (based upon 165 responses)

  • 100% of you felt safe within NWCS training centres.
  • 99.4% of you felt that safeguarding was adequately covered during the induction period into learning.
  • 100% of you knew who to report a safeguarding incident to whilst in the centre/workplace.