Helping Shape Your Future

Since 1986

Helping Shape Your Future

Since 1986

Staying safe at NWCS

Your safety is important to us

We strive for NWCS to be a safe place for everyone.

We are here to support you.

You have the right to:

  • Be Safe from any kind of harm, threats or bullying
  • Be safe when using computers, social media and the internet
  • Be safe when attending any work placement

Do not put up with:

  • Any kind of harm or abuse
  • People using social media to make you feel bad
  • People bullying, teasing or threatening you in any way
  • People trying to make you do things you don’t want to

You have responsibility to:

  • Show respect to other students, staff and visitors
  • Not threaten, harm or abuse others

If you don’t feel safe:

  • Tell someone as soon as possible – contact one of our named Safeguarding Officers or make sure you tell your Training Officer

Named Safeguarding Officers:

  • Paul Sheron – Safeguarding Lead, Prevent Lead
    0151 521 5888 ext 125, 07795 386 360
  • Sylvia Jones – Deputy Safeguarding Officer
    0151 521 5888 ext 122, 07548 840 166

Abuse, bullying, extremist behaviour or intimidation will not be tolerated