Helping Shape Your Future

Since 1986

Helping Shape Your Future

Since 1986

Careers Information, Advice & Guidance

NWCS Training aims to provide all learners and potential learners with information, advice and guidance that empowers them to make self-determined choices about learning and work.

Our objectives are to ensure that all learners and potential learners:

  • Receive clear, accurate, up to date, accessible, objective and impartial information before committing to a course.
  • Receive requested information and advice within seven working days of asking.
  • Can access appropriate opportunities to discuss how a proposed course meets their needs
  • Can access information and advice about (1) available financial help (2) learning support and/or (3) other local opportunities that might meet their needs.
  • Can access clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible, objective and impartial Advice & Guidance about progression opportunities.

To find out more about the standards we adhere to and the information and guidance you can expect to receive, please see our Quality Benchmarks page

Our policy on Information, advice & guidance can be found on the Policies page

The latest Deparment for Education guidance for schools and colleges document can be found here

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Progression booklet

We’ve created a booklet outlining some of the courses we offer, along with next steps and career progression ideas. 

Short courses

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