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Helping Shape Your Future

Since 1986

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Exploring: Career Information, Advice and Guidance

What is career information?

Career information describes information that supports career and learning choices. An important sub-set of career information is labour market information (LMI), such as salaries of various professions, employment rate in various professions, available training programs, and current job openings.

What is the purpose of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance?

CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance) is designed to prepare students for life in modern Britain by providing the knowledge, understanding, confidence and skills that they need to make informed choices and plans for their future learning and career.

How important is career awareness?

Career awareness and exploration helps learners build an understanding of the full landscape of careers by providing experiences that allow them to interact with industry professionals.

What are the benefits of having a career?

Benefits of Working. There are huge benefits to getting a job, no matter how well or underpaid, over not having a job at all.
  • Money Money Money! – It has been said that money makes the world go round
  • Who Am I?
  • Keeping the Brain Active.
  • Meeting New People.
  • Giving you Balance in your Life.
  • Having a Purpose.
  • Healthy Body Healthy Mind. Mental health issues are prevalent within the unemployed.

Who can I talk to about my career?

A career advisor provides individualised counselling to help people deal with specific challenges or problems in their careers. A career advisor helps people develop the skills and strategies they need to achieve their goals in their careers. Alternatively speak with an NWCS staff member about courses and careers available or visit the designated pages upon the departmental website

View the NWCS progression booklet for more information

NWCS have a specific policy linked to the offer of careers advice and guidance

Introduction to the Gatsby benchmarks

The Gatsby Benchmarks were developed on behalf of the Gatsby Foundation. They define what world class careers provision in education looks like and provide a clear framework for organising the careers provision at your school or college. The benchmarks are enshrined in statutory guidance and NWCS staff are required to oversee the implementation of the benchmarks within their career offer.

What is the importance of Gatsby benchmarks?

The eight benchmarks (listed below) are a framework for good career guidance developed to support training providers and colleges in providing learners with the best possible careers education, information, advice, and guidance. All of these benchmarks are embedded in the NWCS offer.
  • A stable careers programme.
  • Learning from career and labour market information.
  • Addressing the needs of each pupil.
  • Linking curriculum learning to careers.
  • Encounters with employers and employees.
  • Experiences of workplaces.
  • Encounters with further and higher education.

You may have also heard about the Baker Clause 2023

The Baker Clause stipulates that schools must provide all students in Years 8 to 13 with access to colleges and training providers, in legislation aimed at addressing skills shortages across a variety of sectors of the economy.

The Elements of Career Success: 5 Steps towards Fulfillment

  • Cultivate a Positive Attitude.
  • Tap into your Passions.
  • Honor your Values.
  • Play to your Strengths.
  • Set a Career Intention.

Further useful reading

Discovery learning platform

Through June 2023 NWCS are promoting

Exploring: Career Information, Advice and Guidance

Further learning opportunities in relation to Interview Skills / Facebook Recruitment Tips / Best Practice Recruitment / Right People Right Role has been set up for you via the Discovery learning platform. 

Please ensure to speak with your Training Officer about this.