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Helping Shape Your Future

Since 1986

A critical factor impacting on the success of apprenticeships in any business, is apprentice attendance at scheduled training sessions with their training provider. North West Community Services Training Ltd is committed to driving improvement both in our organisation and in the apprentices we develop. If the apprentices we train are successful, this has a positive impact on your business.

Recently, we’ve noticed that apprentices aren’t always attending their weekly NWCS training sessions. Our target for apprentice attendance is 95%. However figures show apprentice attendance has on occasion dropped down as far as 75% (That equates to 1 in every 4 learners not attending). This has the potential to become a serious barrier to the apprentices achieving their qualifications and consequently putting new skills into practice in the workplace. Furthermore, attendance has such a direct impact on apprentice success, that it’s something that Ofsted quite rightly scrutinise in their visits.

We can all play a part in improving apprentice attendance at their training sessions. Here are 5 reasons why it’s so important to do so:

1. Stress – Fact: One missed session can put a student on a downhill spiral.

We know that occasionally there is a genuine reason an apprentice is late or has to miss a class. At NWCS we always do what we can to help our students catch up. But falling behind can be quite stressful for some individuals and can contribute to poor mental health. This has a knock-on effect on the apprentice’s performance in the workplace and the associated worry can lead to absence from work and more missed training sessions.

2. Responsiveness – Fact: A missed session makes it harder to spot and address a training need or other issue

It is helpful for NWCS to be safe in the knowledge that employers are doing everything possible to ensure student attendance at our training centre. This will allow us to continue monitoring apprentices’ progress without disruption, so we can quickly respond to and address a training need or any other challenge. These are best nipped in the bud.

3. Skills – Fact: Maths and English skills are essential to complete an apprenticeship.

Learners who found maths and English challenging at school won’t complete their apprenticeship if they don’t attend all their classes. This applies to both occupational training sessions and maths/English classes. An apprentice who has all their skills up to scratch is then fully equipped to do their job properly

4. Raising Standards – Fact: We expect apprentices to have a minimum attendance rate of at least 95%

Apprentices know that attending the training centre for their classes is not optional. Attending college is one of the ways in which you as an employer can ensure that the minimum requirement for 20% off-the-job training takes place and is compliant. Poor attendance means apprentices are more likely to fail their tests, final assessments and not achieve their apprenticeship requirements and planned outcomes. Please do everything you can to encourage your trainees or apprentices to come to classes. The threshold for attendance is now set at 95%. If apprentices fall below this, NWCS will schedule a formal intervention to ensure the apprentice receives the necessary support to get their attendance back to an acceptable level.

5. Motivation – Fact: A motivated workforce is more engaged.

Giving your apprentice a little bit of TLC will go a long way. Please support our work by using your team meetings and reviews to reinforce the importance of their training. Taking an interest in what apprentices are doing in training and discussing how this will help them in their job can really boost their motivation to attend their classes, and importantly to progress. Giving them the opportunity to put what they’ve learnt in class into practice in the workplace is a fantastic way of reinforcing their skills and lifting their confidence.

Our aim is to help our employer clients achieve the highest standards in their business through staff development. By working together we can ensure exceptional levels of attendance and punctuality. This will boost learner progression, with their achievement becoming an asset to your business. When an apprentice completes their qualification on time, they can make a full contribution in the workplace, sooner.

Thank you for your continued support in our aim of achieving at least 95% apprentice attendance at NWCS. We’re always available to provide any support you need relating to your apprentice or offer advice on general staff development plans. Give us a ring or book an appointment to drop in, or we can visit you!